5 tips to cure early discharge problem

Early discharge problem in men is getting common these days due to the fact that lifestyle and environment is full of worries and pollution. In early discharge a man discharges earlier than expected and it ruins the enjoyment of sexual intercourse. There are certain solutions available for such kind of ailment and following we have described 5 tips to cure early discharge problem in men:

Avoid Stress: Stress is one of the most prominent cause for early discharge or erectile dysfunction because stress kills the will inside a man to have sexual intercourse and he would hardly feel aroused whenever his partner try to seduce him. Stress stops the aphrodisiac activities in the body which are responsible for making a man to go for sex. So any kind of stress should be avoided if you want to cure early discharge problems.

Take healthy balanced diet: Diet plays a vital role in our health and for men it is necessary to take those food elements that make their body strong and capable of doing various activities including sexual intercourse. The food you eat should have substances that increase the motility of sperm and also improve the sperm production. The quality of sperms can be enhanced by taking Ayurvedic herbs like ashwagandha and shilajit. These herbs produces an aphrodisiac feeling inside your body that lets you make longer and willing sexual intercourse that satisfy your partner to the extent.

Don’t allow yourself to become addicted: Any type of drugs your take can cause a lot of problems in your body that include the impotency. Alcohol, Cigarette and other addictions are very common in men and they don’t know that these addictions are killing their manhood silently. Alcohol harms liver that disables your liver to properly digest the food you eat and you won’t get proper nutrients. Furthermore the Cigarette will cause problems in breathing that result in your heart pumping less blood to the important parts of your body. So never get addiction of these harmful drugs and don’t make taking them your habit.

Take Asparagus: Asparagus is best for those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction and early discharge problem. Asparagus is rich in vitamins and minerals that directly improve the work of your nervous system hence help in sexual intercourse. Asparagus will make your nervous system stronger so that your body is able to promote blood flow towards the penis while intercourse. This will make to have a longer and harder erection and you will get the full pleasure of your sexual intercourse.

Take Saffron and Milk: Saffron and milk together works wonder for early discharge patients because saffron in naturally full of aphrodisiac elements. It will provide the strength to men when taken with warm cow milk. Saffron is easily found in the market and you can use it before going to bed and within few days you will see the positive results. So use saffron if you are suffering from early discharge problem.

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